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Student placement leads to published research

22 November 2017

Exchange student with chemistry lecturers
Garima with fellow co-authors and chemistry researchers Yu-Hsuan Tsai (left) and Louis Luk (right)

Exchange student Garima Sharma has co-authored a paper with a group of Cardiff researchers during her 4-month placement at the School of Chemistry.

Garima, who is studying for her biotechnology diploma (equivalent to A-Levels or BTEC in the UK) at the Republic Polytechnic in Singapore, came to the School of Chemistry at Cardiff University on a laboratory placement during her final year of study.

During her placement, Garima was able to familiarise herself with the scientific facilities in School and learn from academic staff and researchers in the fields of biological chemistry and molecular biology. She was also able to participate in an ongoing research project led by Dr Yu-Hsuan Tsai, Lecturer in Organic Chemistry. This resulted in her co-authoring the paper “Acetylome of Acinetobacter baumannii SK17 reveals a highly-conserved modification of histone-like protein HU” published in Frontiers of Molecular Biosciences with a group of scientists based in Cardiff, Taiwan and Japan.

The School of Chemistry encourages international exchanges and has a number of memorandums of understanding which facilitate placements with institutions around the globe.

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