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Language and identity in modern Wales

11 May 2015

Lisa Sheppard, from Cardiff University's School of Welsh, will participate in a discussion on the role and importance of language in shaping identity and nationality, following a performance of A Good Clean Heart by Alun Saunders.

A Good Clean Heart is a new bilingual play about two brothers who come of age speaking different languages and in separate families. It poses many questions about language, culture and the formation of identity.

The post-show talk will take place on Wednesday 13th May 2015, in partnership with The Other Room Theatre and Creative Cardiff. Lisa will join the playwright Alun Saunders, and director Mared Swain to discuss the themes of the play, their experiences as Welsh speaking citizens and the contribution language has made in developing a sense of self.

Lisa comments: "As a bilingual country, Wales cannot underestimate the role language has played in forming a sense of identity and its importance from a cultural and social standpoint The themes of the play speak to contemporary Wales, highlighting our unique experience and articulating the influence of language on our characters, our aspirations and our sense of belonging. Bilingualism opens our eyes to other cultures and perspectives which is so important in a multicultural world."

The show starts at 7.30pm with the discussion to follow at The Other Room Theatre, Porter's, Cardiff. Tickets are available online.

The event is a partnership between The Other Room and Cardiff University's Creative Cardiff project. The university is working with others to make Cardiff a capital of creativity, supporting the city's creative economy and encouraging people to work together to raise the city's ambitions. It is enabling staff and students to engage with the creative industries. Plans are also being developed to create physical and virtual spaces that allow these collaborations to take place. This event is just one of many relationships being built to help realise these ambitions.

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