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Cardiff Medicentre
Cardiff Medicentre is an excellent facility that gives you the opportunity to develop your research and expand your professional network.

We’re proud to have supported many biotech and medtech companies, which began as fledgling businesses, to go on to establish substantial operations in independent, follow-on facilities.

We’ll keep investing because we see, every day and in every tenant, the value of what we offer.

Our current tenants include:

“The Medicentre team has given us exceptional support over the years. It has been an ideal base to operate from, both in the early days and now as an established business. As a successful MedTech and BioTech incubator, it offers the perfect environment for young businesses to develop their research and convert ideas into products that stand to have hugely positive effects on people’s lives.”
Norman Wooley - Authentic World

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If you are interested in becoming a tenant at Cardiff Medicentre, please contact us at:

Cardiff Medicentre