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Max Planck Centre on the Fundamentals of Heterogeneous Catalysis

The Max Planck Centre on the Fundamentals of Heterogeneous Catalysis explores advancements in our understanding of catalysis.

The Centre opened in 2019 to facilitate collaborative research with Max Planck Institutes around the world.

Latest news

Three men and one woman photographed in front of a gallery wall

Horizon Prize win for developing greener route to Nylon production

12 June 2024

The Royal Society of Chemistry recognises Cardiff team’s significant step towards chemical sector’s net-zero ambitions

Apparatus in a chemistry laboratory

A greener route to nylon production

26 September 2023

FUNCAT in IChemE Global Award shortlist

A scientist operating an instrument in Cardiff University's Translational Research Hub laboratories.

Scientists make methanol at room temperature

22 September 2023

Cardiff team takes “significant step towards a sustainable methanol-based fuel economy”

We are improving the understanding of catalysis, developing new catalytic processes with industry and promoting the use of catalysis as a sustainable 21st century technology.

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The School tackles the important scientific challenges of the 21st century which is the focus of its internationally leading research and education.