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We provide SMEs with access to the large base of AI and data science research and innovation expertise in the Cardiff School of Computer Science and Informatics and Data Science Academy.

Specifically, we focus on three areas of emerging AI technology:

  • Human-Centred AI considers digital transformation achieved through a combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence. People are not replaced by AI; instead, our capabilities are enhanced by technology. Research in human-centred AI encompasses human-AI communication and interaction, explainable AI, and issues of transparent, safe, and accountable AI.
  • Large Language Models are the latest development in natural language processing technology based on deep neural networks, driving rapid advances in areas including text classification and generation, chatbots, and information extraction from text.
  • Knowledge Driven Learning focuses on how human knowledge – usually in the form of interconnected ‘knowledge graphs’ – can improve machine learning, and how machine learning can generate new knowledge, usable for better decision making.