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Dr Mohammad Al-Amri

Research Associate Dr Mohammad Al-Amri tells us about his research into using virtual reality games to help patients with movement rehabilitation. He reveals how much his family love living in Cardiff.

Watch Mohammad's video on YouTube.


"Virtual reality has such a great application in helping patients understand their clinical condition as well as helping clinicians provide them with feedback and assist them objectively.

So it is quite interesting to combine virtual reality and movement analysis and then to present their movement in real-time in front of them or in a game context. We have a great lab where we are being funded by Arthritis Research UK and we are focusing on helping patients with knee conditions to improve their functional activities.

More recently, my research has started to focus on how to translate what we have been doing in the past ten years into clinical practice using portable technology. I’m quite excited about the translation the research is taking now and also about helping the NHS provide better treatment for patients.

Having travelled internationally from the Middle East to Asia to Europe, I think what I found best about Cardiff city in general is that it’s easy to settle in as international staff. The fact that my family also like the city helped me settle in my work and progress in my work."