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The festival is delivered in partnership with the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and takes place at Universities across the UK as part of the ESRC’s national Festival of Social Science.

The festival provides us with an exciting opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness of the outstanding social science research at Cardiff University – impactful research that informs the development of policies, services and innovation, and addresses major societal challenges in Wales, the UK and internationally.

Cardiff has held a Festival of Social Science every year since 2016 and has seen significant changes to the Festival delivery. Now, not only does the festival include informative and interactive events across the city but also beyond, through virtual events, allowing our research to reach more people! All our festival events are aimed at the general public and school students, with many being of interest to other groups such as third sector organisations and policy makers.

You can find out more about previous festivals or explore our social media tags #esrcfestival and #SocialCardiff on Twitter.

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