Seminar series

A hallmark of our vibrant and dynamic culture, our seminar series bring the latest topics to life for students and staff, sparking lively debate.

All seminars take place in the John Percival Building unless otherwise stated.

All teaching and research staff, postgraduates, undergraduates and other colleagues within the School are welcome to attend. The seminars are also open to the general public.

Upcoming seminars – Spring 2018

Assuming Gender

To find out more visit the Assuming Gender blog.

31 JanuaryFilm screening of Haiffa Al-Mansour’s ‘Wadjda’ (2013)       15:00Room 2.47
7 FebruaryFilm screening of Rungano Nyoni’s ‘I am Not a Witch’ (2017)15:00 Room 2.47
28 FebruaryFilm screening of Andrea Arnold’s ‘Fish Tank’ (2009)15:00 Room 2.47
14 MarchFilm screening of Sophia Coppola’s ‘The Beguiled’ (2017)15:00Room 2.47
25 AprilFilm screening of George Miller’s ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (2015)15:00Room 2.47
9 MayFilm screening of Ana Lily Amirpour’s ‘A Girl Walks Home at Night’ (2014)15:00Room 2.47

Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research (CEIR)

To find out more about this centre visit the CEIR blog.

20 FebruaryRosario Arias (University of Malaga)‘The Dalziels and Victorian Illustration’17:30Room 2.48
22 MarchMark Samuels Lasner & Margaret Stetz (Delaware)‘Collecting the Late Victorians’17:30 
1 MayPeter Garside (Edinburgh)‘Scott as a European Poet: On Editing the Shorter Verse’17:30Room 0.31

Critical and Cultural Theory (CCT)

21 FebruaryAlix Beeston (ENCAP-Cardiff)‘Natural Women: Vegetal and Animal Dreams in Contemporary Women’s Writing’17:00Room 2.47
7 MarchKate Rigby (Bath Spa) 17:00Room 2.47
21 MarchPaul Bowman (JOMEC-Cardiff)‘The Invention of Martial Arts’17:00Room 2.47
18 AprilAdeline Johns-Putra (Surrey) 17:00Room 2.47
2 MayTomos Owen (ENCAP-Cardiff) 17:00Room 2.47

Medieval and Modern Early Research Initiative (MEMORI)

15 FebruaryClaire Jowitt (UEA) 17:15Room 2.47
22 February Inmaculada Senra Silva (Universidad Nacional de Education a Distancia)Runes in Old English manuscripts17:15Room 2.47
15 MarchAmy Burge (ENCAP-Cardiff)From “cristene soudans” to desert queens: the post-medieval legacy of The King of Tar’s performative hybridity17:15Room 2.47

Centre for Language and Communication Research (CLCR)

7 FebruaryInmaculada Senra Silva (Universidad Nacional de Education a Distancia) 12:10Room 3.58
14 February Inmaculada Senra Silva (Universidad Nacional de Education a Distancia) 12:10Room 3.58
21 FebruaryJo Angouri (Warwick) 12:10Room 3.58
27 FebruaryJosep Maria Cots (University of Lleida)Researching and teaching intercultural learning: some methodological issues12:10Room 1.26
14 MarchSylvia Jaworska (Reading)“Have you tried our Alkaline #SUPERBOOST blend?” – semi-science and emotion work in the healthism discourse in food blogs and on twitter12:10Room 3.58
2 MayMarcus Perlman (Birmingham)How people use iconicity to create words from scratch12:10Room 3.58


14 FebruaryChris Kelp (Glasgow)Moral Understanding16:15Room 0.36
21 FebruaryMike Wheeler (Stirling)Minding Nature16:15Room 0.36
7 MarchJack Lyons (Arkansas)The Generality Problem16:15Room 0.36
14 MarchHili Razinsky (Lisbon)On Ambivalence16:15Room 0.36
21 MarchOrestis Palermos (ENCAP-Cardiff)Heuristic Contextualism16:15Room 0.36
18 AprilMary Edwards (ENCAP-Cardiff)Literature, Politics and “Speculation” in Sartre16:15Room 4.43
2 MayLouise Richardson (York) 16:15Room 0.36
16 MayJennifer Corns (Glasgow) 16:15Room 0.36
30 MaySandy Goldberg (Northwestern)Literature, Politics and “Speculation” in Sartre16:15Room 0.36

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