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We want to ensure that Wales produces highly-skilled and employable graduates in some of the fastest growing and in-demand areas, from data science and artificial intelligence to cybersecurity.

We are run by Cardiff University’s School of Computer Science and Informatics in partnership with the School of Mathematics.

Our suite of postgraduate degrees is based on the extremely successful model of Cardiff University’s National Software Academy in which students are given "real world" experience by working on team-based, client-facing projects.

Why we need data scientists

Data scientists are extremely well sought after in a number of sectors and industries due to their ability to identify better ways of doing complex tasks - from helping doctors diagnose medical conditions more effectively to allowing people to communicate across the globe using instantaneous speech recognition and translation software.

The Data Science Academy (DSA) has been launched in response to this demand and the requirement from industry for highly-skilled students that are ready to hit the ground running once they graduate.

According to a 2017 independent Government report into growing the intelligence industry in the UK, there is a demand for skilled people with Masters and PhDs who have the "added practical experience" to meet industry demands.

The review also stated that the technology could boost productivity, advance healthcare, improve services for customers and unlock £650bn for the UK economy.

Our vision

Our vision is to import and combine skills, knowledge and ideas across disciplines to deliver world-class education in the fields of data science, cyber security and AI.

Working together with industry, we aim to expose students to a broad range of techniques for understanding data and use these to apply cutting-edge analytical methodologies to a range of real-world problems.

We hope that this will drive economic and societal benefits, cultivating a new generation of skilled professionals and shape the public conversation around the use of data in the modern world.