Ewch i’r prif gynnwys
 Liz Evans

Liz Evans

Uwch Ddarlithydd: Ffisiotherapi

+44 (0)29 206 87693
Ystafell 13.20, Ystafell 13.20, 13eg llawr, Tŷ Eastgate, Prifysgol Caerdydd, Heol Casnewydd, Caerdydd CF24 0AB


Research Interests

Tissue healing and function, specifically related to:

  • osteoarthritis
  • the relationship of pain and contractures
  • burn injuries

Also, as Admissions Tutor, a 3-year study was conducted to investigate whether interview made a difference in the selection of students. This was submitted for publication in November 2007.


I have an interest in the evolving role of the physiotherapist and particularly in the changing profile of the newly qualified physiotherapist.

Higher Education and curriculum development are also important interests.

Student admissions as well as graduate employment are important aspects of my work and through these I have developed an interest in the marketing and promotion of physiotherapy.





The management of burns injuries in relation to tissue healing and function is a developing interest. Collaboration with the Morriston Burns unit, particularly the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy departments is progressing and research projects are being addressed.

Related to this is an investigation into whether there is a relationship between pain and contracture formation. This investigation is currently only in the early stages.