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Victoria Samuel

Senior Research Tutor, Clinical Psychologist


Victoria is Senior Research Tutor on the South Wales Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Training Programme, based at Cardiff University. Within this role Victoria leads the teaching on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, qualitative research methods and supervises doctoral dissertations.

A central focus for Victoria’s research is assessing the role of psychological flexibility processes for enhanced well-being and resilience. A secondary area of research and clinical specialism is work-related stress, trauma and burnout.



Senior Research Tutor (previously Clinical Tutor) South Wales Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

2007- Present

Clinical Lead & Clinical Psychologist, Bristol Psychology Services

Providing evidence based psychological therapy, with specialist experience in the assessment and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for one-off traumatic events. Primary therapeutic approaches: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR).


Specialist Clinical Psychologist, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Providing psychological therapy and consultation to parents, children and staff, working predominately in Paediatric Intensive Care.


Locum Clinical Psychologist posts in child disability and CAMHS,


Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Bristol Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.








InTER-ACT: Interactive Training in Emotional Resilience – is a bespoke, accessible, three session ACT programme for increasing the psychological flexibility of secondary school aged pupils. This intervention was carefully developed based on extensive clinical experience working therapeutically with young people using ACT and has been methodically evaluated at every stage of development.

An initial acceptability and feasibility and feasibility study, involving consultation with young people and teachers, led to revisions to the original workshop content and this revised content was enhanced by a collaboration with an illustrator to create engaging visual illustrations for key concepts. A training programme was then developed to enable teachers and school counsellors to deliver the programme to broaden its reach.

This teacher/counsellor led intervention was evaluated across six UK schools within an Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) which assessed: i) efficacy; ii) fidelity to the ACT ethos and adherence to the programme content and iii) implementation processes via a qualitative study with school staff.

InTER-ACT has now been licenced and is being run by several charities across the UK. An ongoing research programme will now focus on evaluating the efficacy of InTER-ACT for young people referred with mental health difficulties (rather than within a universal classroom context).

ACT Congruent Behaviour and Psychological Flexibility Assessment

Victoria is leading a project to validate a comprehensive measure of psychological flexibility for adolescents. Victoria is also working with colleagues in Belfast to develop a situational judgment measure of ACT congruent behaviour.

Staff wellbeing

Prior to working on the DClinPsy programme, Victoria worked in Paediatric Intensive Care at Bristol Children’s Hospital which led to an interest in and concern for the wellbeing of staff working in uniquely traumatic contexts.

Victoria has overseen a number of research projects evaluating burnout and resilience amongst staff groups such as Intensivists, Oncologists, Play Specialists, staff working in services supporting young people who are homelessness and amongst medics over the COVID-19 pandemic. She is currently involved in research looking at the role of psychological flexibility processes on professional rugby players' mental health and coping amongst medical professionals.

Within her clinical role, Victoria has been working with the Hazardous Area Response Team, a specialist sub team of the Ambulance Trust, providing an ACT-based wellbeing programme.


Past projects

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