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 Alicia Stringfellow

Alicia Stringfellow

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I began my career in 1997 working as a Staff Nurse and later as a Team Leader at Broadmoor Hospital Authority working in male high dependency and female intensive care settings. In 2001 I returned to South Wales, joining Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust as a Team Manager for a community rehabilitation team developing and delivering intensive community based care to those who experience psychosis. After obtaining an MSc in Nursing in 2010 I was successful in gaining an Associate Lecturer position at Cardiff University contributing to the delivery of the undergraduate BN Programme. In conjunction with the Associate Lecturer role, I was the project lead within Cardiff and Vale University Health Board for the implementation of family intervention for psychosis within adult mental health services. In 2015 I became a full-time Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing in the School of Healthcare Sciences with a specific interest in schizophrenia and psychosis and the family experience of this.


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My research interests are around exploring the experience of mothers with adult sons or daughters with schizophrenia.