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Laura Shobiye

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Laura Shobiye is a PhD research student in the School of Social Sciences exploring the learning experiences of forced migrant mothers in Wales. She is carrying out a longitudinal qualitative study, which involves textual and visual methods for thematic and narrative analysis. Her work is largely informed by critical race theory and black feminism.

Laura is also one of the co-founders and convenors of the Migration, Ethnicity, Race & Diversity research group (MEAD).


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I am particularly interested in the social construction of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK , particularly gendered constructions. I will be exploring the role of learning and education in fostering social inclusion and integration of forced migrants.  My key areas of interest are:

  • forced migration

  • gender

  • education

  • social and cultural inclusion/social and cultural exclusion 

  • inequality

I am interested in collaborative research and my PhD is a collaborative project with the third sector organisation, Oasis Cardiff and the Welsh Refugee Coalition. I am also keen to explore visual and creative methods for supporting qualitative interviews where language skills may be a barrier to communication.

Learn more about my work by watching her prize winning 3 minute thesis (3MT) here.

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Exploring the learning experiences of forced migrant mothers in Wales

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