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The Sexual Contract: 30 Years On

Calendar Thursday 10 May 2018, 09:00-Friday 11 May 2018, 18:00

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Carole Pateman

Hosted by the Law and Gender research group at Cardiff University School of Law and Politics in conjunction with Feminist Legal Studies.

This conference marks 30 years since the publication of Carole Pateman’s ground-breaking work, The Sexual Contract. The conference is a unique opportunity to celebrate this feminist masterpiece, engage with its author Professor Carole Pateman and hear her keynote address. We are joined too by Professor Joan Tronto, whose keynote address will interrogate the relation of care ethics to contract. Plenaries and discussion panels feature exciting new scholarship by academics inspired by The Sexual Contract from US, UK, Australia, EU and Canada. Academic presentations will develop new understandings of the contemporary contractual dynamics of employment, marriage, prostitution, surrogacy and other forms of contract.

The Sexual Contract is a book which was written to be read as a whole. Similarly, this conference is organised so as to be experienced as a whole. All attendees can engage with all presentations and the evening meal on 10th May provides an important opportunity for socialising and community-building. Conference fee £25.

Key Note Speakers

Professor Carole Pateman

Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

Professor Joan Tronto

Professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota

Plenary Speakers

Sarah Browne

Artist in residence at University College Dublin

Dr Petra Bueskens

Lecturer in Social Science at the Australia College of Applied Psychology

Máiréad Enright

Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Birmingham

Dr Lydia Hayes

Lecturer in Law at Cardiff University


The Marriage Contract…The Employment Contract…The Prostitution Contract…The New Surrogate Mother Contract…Wider Applications of the Sexual Contract

Booking: £25

Includes an evening meal on 10th May in addition to lunch and refreshments on 10th and 11th May

For further information (including a full list of speakers) contact Dr Daniel Newman on, visit the Law and Gender website or follow this link to book your place.

Supported by the Centre for Law and Society as this year’s key annual event.

Location TBC

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