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RM4L2020 International Conference

Calendar Monday 14 September 2020, 09:00-Thursday 17 September 2020, 17:00

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RM4L2020 International Conference

The development of novel and smart infrastructure materials, driven by the desire to reduce the costs of their maintenance and their significant environmental impact, is attracting the attention of researchers, academics, industrialists and policy makers across the world.

Infrastructure materials with self-sensing, self-healing and self- adapting capabilities, and tailored materials such as engineered cementitious composites are just a few examples of the research areas that are of interest.

The scope of the conference encompasses research, innovation, design and implementation.In particular, the conference will include a number of dedicated sessions on biomimetic materials that have the ability to self-sense, self-immunise,self-heal, self-repair and self-adapt.

The RM4L2020 conference topics are organized according to 4 main themes, i.e. biomimetic materials, material sensing and diagnostics, multi-functional materials and intelligent materials.

Churchill College
University of Cambridge
Storey's Way

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