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Public Uni 20

Calendar Friday, 11 May 2018
Calendar 19:30-21:00

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Public Uni 20

At Public Uni, Cardiff University academics present their most exciting research in short 10-minute chunks. Enrolment is free, the syllabus is varied, and the only entry requirement is an inquisitive mind.

  • ‘Calm down dear’: On Arrogance and Silencing in Debate
    Prof. Alessandra Tanesini, Philosophy, School of English, Communications and Philosophy
  • Chirp and Twinkle Little Stars
    Dr Francesco Pannarale Greco, Research Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy

  • On the Hunt to Treat Huntington’s Disease
    Dr Emma Yhnell, Health and Care Research Wales Fellow, School of Medicine

  • The Antibiotic Resistance Superhighway
    Dr Jonathan Tyrrell, Research Associate, School of Medicine

  • Getting Away with Insurance Fraud?
    Dr Katie Richards, Lecturer in Law, School of Law and Politics
Chapter Arts Centre
Chapter Arts Centre
Market Road

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