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Calcium in fertilization, embyogenesis and development: modelling and experiments

Calendar Wednesday, 23 January 2019
Calendar 13:30-18:20

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Calcium signalling plays a crucial role in a multitude of body processes and diseases. Furthermore, in fertilization and embryogenesis calcium signalling is strongly coupled to cellular mechanical processes. Calcium signals are complex spatiotemporal stochastic objects and mathematical modelling is a very important tool, in addition to experiments, for understanding them and making predictions. This half-day event will bring together junior and senior mathematical modellers and experimentalists active in the above areas with the aim to enable networking and foster interdisciplinary collaborations.

​The event is supported by a “Celebrating New Appointments” grant of the London Mathematical Society (Scheme 9) awarded to Dr Katerina Kaouri (Lecturer in Applied Mathematics) and by the Cardiff School of Mathematics.

Timetable (for more information see

13.30-14.00 Registration (School of Mathematics, reception area)

14.00-14.30 Prof. Karl Swann (Chair in Reproductive Biology, Cardiff University, School of Biosciences)

​ "How do sperm generate Ca2+ waves and oscillations in mammalian eggs?"

14.30-15.00 Prof. Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova (Professor of Mathematics for Healthcare, University of Exeter, Department of Mathematics)

​ "Mathematical models of calcium dynamics and electrical activity in developing inner hair cells"

15.00-15.30 Networking coffee

15.30-16.00 Dr Ruediger Thul (Associate Professor, The University of Nottingham, Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology)

"Three-dimensional models of store-operated calcium entry and the generation of local calcium signatures"

16.00-16.00 Dr Katerina Kaouri (Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Cardiff University, School of Mathematics, new appointment)

"Mechanochemical models of calcium signalling in embryonic cells"

16.30-16.45 Dr Thomas Woolley (Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Cardiff University, School of Mathematics)

​ "A mathematical model for PLCζ induced Ca2+ oscillations in mouse eggs"

16.45-17.05 Dr John Parrington (Associate Professor in Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, University of Oxford)

"Local and global Ca2+ signals as interactive regulators of cellular processes in health and disease"

17.05-17.20 Discussion and closing remarks

17.20-18.20 Networking reception


18.30pm Dinner with the speakers (estimated charge 20 pounds)

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