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Chinese Insights: Exploring Chinese Traditional Arts

Calendar Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Calendar 18:30-20:00

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Beijing Opera person and coloured paper
Join us for an enlightening exploration into two captivating facets of Chinese culture: Beijing Opera and the art of paper cutting and origami.
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Rooms 1.24 & 1.25, Centre for Student Life
18:30 to 20:00
Open to all

Our Chinese Insights talks, led by tutors from the Cardiff Confucius Institute, offer a great opportunity to delve deeper into Chinese culture and language. From Chinese art, film, and music to the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Characters, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

During this session, participants will have the opportunity to engage in the following activities:

  • Explore Beijing Opera: Discover its history, symbolism, and techniques. Learn about costume, movements, and the significance of makeup.
  • Master Paper Cutting & Origami: Uncover the secrets of delicate techniques. Transform paper into intricate designs and figures.
Event format

The event will take place in person.

Simultaneous translation

The event will be delivered in the medium of English. You are welcome to ask questions in the medium of Welsh during the Q&A session. If you intend to do this, please contact by Wednesday 10 April to request simultaneous translation.

Please note that 10% or more of those planning to attend will need to request this provision in order for it to be sourced and will be subject to resource availability.


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Rooms 1.24 and 1.25
Centre for Student Life
Park Place
CF10 3BB

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