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Enough of Experts?

Calendar Thursday, 18 April 2024
Calendar 08:30-09:30

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In our current state of permacrisis the role of the expert has become simultaneously prized, probed, and politicised.

Recognition that experts are needed now more than ever to tackle the range of global challenges before us – whether that be pandemic, climate change, or cost of living – has brought the role of expertise into the spotlight. However, at the same time, experts have also faced severe challenges and threats to their authority and power from a range of economic, political, social, and cultural actors.

In this session, Dr Cara Reed and Prof Mike Reed will share their latest research on the potential demise of the power and influence of experts and expertise in society and demonstrate how this manifested during the Covid pandemic. They will also highlight how a re-imagining of the expert that is more ‘reflexive, dynamic, and contested’ could reinvigorate the power and authority of expert occupations - be they corporate, academic or public sector.

This reimagining is not without its challenges, and the briefing will also debate the need for experts to deal with a greater range of stakeholders, increasingly persuade people of their expertise, and negotiate the risk of being co-opted into others’ agendas.

For further information you can read our Conversation article and details of our book.

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