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Breakfast Briefing – Demystifying AI

Calendar Thursday, 19 October 2023
Calendar 08:30-09:30

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Ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence could boost your productivity and performance? Perhaps you've been intrigued by the hype, but uncertain about the practical applications and benefits it could bring to your enterprise? Fear not! Prof. Joe O'Mahoney is here to provide a crystal-clear, jargon-free exploration of how AI can supercharge your business in tangible, practical ways. This engaging and accessible presentation will illuminate the world of AI business tools, showing you how they can elevate your productivity, sharpen your insights, and boost your value proposition.

As a current spearhead of a university AI project working closely with five small businesses, and the author of an upcoming book on AI applications in Professional Service Firms, Prof. O'Mahoney boasts a wealth of knowledge in this exciting field. Furthermore, with a background as a seasoned industry consultant and the founder of three thriving firms, he brings to the table an invaluable blend of academic expertise and hands-on business experience.

Don't miss this golden opportunity, on Thursday 19th October at 8.30am in the Executive Education Suite of our Postgraduate Teaching Centre, to join Prof. O'Mahoney on this transformational journey. Dive into the world of AI and discover how it can unlock unprecedented growth and success for your business. Sign up now for this compelling talk and prepare to step into the future of business.

Executive Education Suite
Postgraduate Teaching Centre
CF10 3EU

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