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In Conversation with Dafydd Wigley

Calendar Tuesday, 3 October 2023
Calendar 18:00-19:30

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Dafydd Wigley

After 50 years of serving in politics, Dafydd Wigley is retiring from an epic political career that has witnessed major changes in the democracy, constitution and nationhood of Wales.

Since 1972, Dafydd Wigley has been a Westminster MP, Assembly Member, member of the House of Lords and two-time Plaid Cymru Leader. Winning multiple elections in the Caernarfon constituency, Wigley made a distinct impact on Welsh politics for his party, overseeing years of challenge followed by remarkable success in the first devolved Assembly elections. In Parliament, Dafydd Wigley worked on crucial issues such as industrial compensation for workers and European funding for Wales.

In addition to his towering role for in Plaid Cymru, Mr Wigley is renowned for his cross-party efforts in the 1997 Assembly referendum campaign and then in the House of Lords, engaging with other peers on the most recent legislation affecting Wales.

Now, Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre will host In Conversation with Dafydd Wigley, where the expert interviewer Rob Humphreys will be in discussion with the former Plaid Cymru Leader, spanning his whole career and experience in politics and unearthing new reflections and insights from one of Wales’ most popular political leaders. Mr Humphreys has previously interviewed figures including Julia Gillard, Neil Kinnock and Michael Heseltine for the Wales Governance Centre, in conversations known for their detail and scope.

The event on Tuesday October 3rd, at 18:00 in the Senedd’s Pierhead Building will include free refreshments and a Q&A session. The session is open to everyone from across the political spectrum, and to anyone with an interest in Welsh politics.

Pierhead Building
Pierhead Street
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN

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