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Values and Virtues for a Challenging World

Calendar Wednesday, 21 September 2022
Calendar 09:30-16:15

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Image of mosiac wall in Pierhead Building, Caerdydd, Cardiff, Wales

We live in an increasingly unpredictable world. Climate change, viral pandemics, wars and mass migrations continually present new challenges, while the rise of social media has rapidly changed how we understand ourselves and think about our situations.

What are the attitudes, skills, and values that we should cultivate so we can respond well to unpredictable challenges in a rapidly changing world?

This event brings academic philosophers together with public policy and education professionals to explore a range of ideas in response to this question. There will be five sessions:

  • Good Taste and the Experience of Value
  • Social Media, Misinformation, and Polarisation
  • Curiosity, Integrity, and Self-Regulation
  • Wisdom and Collective Decision-Making
  • Uncertainty and Polarisation

There will be lots of time for informal conversations. We are especially interested in practical ways to foster useful attitudes, skills, and values through education, public policy, and the design of media, organisations, and spaces.

The day is organised by Cardiff University in association with the Royal Institute of Philosophy.

Main Hall
The Pierhead
Cardiff Bay
CF10 4PZ

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