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Ho-Ren-So: Japanese workplace mobile instant messaging communication in a social enterprise

Calendar Wednesday, 2 March 2022
Calendar 10:00-11:00

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Image of Professor Hiromasa Tanaka

The next event in the Cardiff-Japanese Lecture Series, this time with Professor Hiromasa Tanaka (Meisei University). This event is sponsored by the Sakura Network Japan Foundation.

The LINE app has grown to be one of Japan’s most popular mobile instant messaging apps. By 2021, Line app had been installed in 96.5% of all smartphones in Japan. This lecture outlines interaction patters and strategies frequently used in Japanese language online business chatting observed in Line interaction. The data indicate, first, the use of aisatsu (greetings) contributes to relation development in the team. Second, data that contains Ho-Ren-So patterns in addition to confirmation remarks such as “ryokai desu” is presented. Further discussion will touch upon each speaker’s contribution to members’ co-construction of special and chronological maps by the use of Ho-Ren-So. Ho-Ren-So, meaning ‘report, contact and consult’, emphasizes a continual stream of information up to managers and colleagues. Ho-Ren-So is believed to ensure workers can take the best action for achieving total quality control in production sites. The lecture argues that Ho-Ren-So could be a template of business interaction as well as aisatsu.

Hiromasa Tanaka, Ed. D. is a professor in School of Humanities, Meisei University, Japan. He teaches research methodology courses for graduate students, and project-based courses for undergraduate students. As a consultant, Hiromasa has been involved a number of human resource development system design for business corporations.

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The event will take place online as a Zoom webinar and will be recorded for publication after the event.

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