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Education through late immersion: a quick scoping review and mapping the Welsh-medium provision in Wales

Calendar Tuesday, 25 January 2022
Calendar 16:00-17:00

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Dr Mirain Rhys (Cardiff Met) and Katharine Young (PhD, Cardiff University) share their findings from two research projects undertaken during their respective Welsh Government secondments in 2021.

Dr Mirain Rhys will present the findings of a quick scoping review (QSR) of evidence relating to late immersion, intensive language learning, and language provision for pupils who have experienced a break or interruption in their immersion experience. The aim of the review was to identify research that discusses methods, approaches or interventions relating to late immersion and intensive language learning, and that is relevant to the current context of the Welsh language in education in Wales.

Katharine Young will present the findings of a mapping exercise examining Welsh-medium education through late immersion (for latecomers) in different areas in Wales. The aim of this mapping exercise was to form a picture of the late immersion education provision that existed in some local education authorities at the time, and to understand some of the challenges and opportunities that arise as provision is planned and implemented.

This seminar will be delivered over Zoom in Welsh with simultaneous English translation available.

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