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Air Pollution and Public Health: how is the UK doing outside the EU? Professor Frank Kelly, Imperial College, London

Calendar Thursday, 13 January 2022
Calendar 19:00-20:00

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Clean air, like clean water and untainted food, is fundamental to good health. We are all aware that air pollution damages our health, yet the scale of the problem is frequently underappreciated.  Every year, 7 million premature deaths occur worldwide as a consequence of air pollution while the toll is ~34,000 premature deaths/year in the UK. 

After years of delays and debates, 2021 finally saw the Environment Act enter law in the UK. However, as progress to adopt meaningful ambient air quality standards in the UK moves slowly forward the research agenda is rapidly shifting focus to the indoor air environment. The increasing complexity of indoor air requires much more work to improve understanding of the possible health implication it holds for us.

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