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How Scotland and Wales voted: WES & SES 2021

Calendar Wednesday, 9 June 2021
Calendar 09:00-10:00

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Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre and the University of Edinburgh are proud to present ‘How Scotland and Wales voted: WES and SES 2021’. This public webinar will outline the initial findings of the Scottish and Welsh Election Studies 2021, which were carried out by teams working across six universities and which mark the most extensive ever surveys into devolved elections in the UK to date.

Join us to watch the presentations which outline new insights on how and why people in Wales and Scotland voted the way they did, from responses to party campaigns and leaders, to questions on national identity and political values.

Panellists: Professor Ailsa Henderson (University of Edinburgh), Professor Rob Johns (University of Essex), Dr Fraser McMillan (University of Glasgow), Professor Richard Wyn Jones, and Dr Jac Larner (Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre).

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