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Informality Research Observatory Annual Event 2021: The Global Normalisation of Informality

Calendar Tuesday, 22 June 2021
Calendar 12:00-14:00

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Informality is a global norm, with livelihoods and homes in the global south predominantly produced through informal processes. In the global north the rise of the gig economy is testament to the global normalisation of informality. Yet, inclusive approaches towards informality are rare. The Informality Research Observatory (IRO) at Cardiff University brings together scholars in this contemporary subject area, and provides a platform for new understandings of the role of informality today, with the aim of driving more inclusive policy and practice.

The annual lunchtime event showcases recent research from IRO scholars and will be of interest to academics and development practitioners interested in geography, conflict studies, refugee studies, social policy, and urban planning.  Short presentations will cover:

Session 1

  • Informality in post-conflict settings. Professor Alison Brown, Cardiff University
  • Informal/formal urban assemblages. Dr. Hesam Kamilipour, Cardiff University
  • The informal city, Colombia. Dr. Lina Martínez, Universidad Icesi, Colombia
  • Managing streets in Indonesia’s informal settlements. Dr. Jimly Al Faraby, Gadjha Mada University

Session 2

  • Refugee economies in Addis Ababa, Dr. Peter Mackie, Cardiff University
  • Bordering economies: Informal refugee cross-border trade, Dr. Patricia García Amado, Cardiff University
  • Informality and construction supply chains: Tracing formal-informal networks of materials Dr. Tom Smith, Cardiff University
  • Informality in urban water supplies, Dr. Adrian Healy, Cardiff University

Organised by: Informality Research Observatory, Inclusive Cities Impact Group and is associated with the Economic and Political Geographies (EPG) Research Group.

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