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Huntington’s disease: can we train the brain?

Calendar Thursday, 28 November 2019
Calendar 19:00-20:00

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Speaker: Dr Emma Yhnell, Cardiff University

This lecture is part of our Science in Health Public Lecture Series.

The American physician George Huntington first described the disease which subsequently carries his name back in 1872.  Huntington’s chorea, as it was referred to then, is a neurodegenerative condition which causes a range of motor, cognitive and psychiatric symptoms. The genetic cause of the disease was first discovered in 1993, but despite this, there are currently no treatments available to prevent the progression of the disease.

In this interactive lecture, I will explore my research investigating the feasibility of using ‘brain training’ computer games for people impacted by Huntington’s disease. I will also discuss the ethical implications of the disease and research as well as current research aimed at specifically targeting the faulty gene that causes the disease.

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Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre
Main Building
Park Place
CF10 3AT

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