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Design Research and Performance Using Topologic

Calendar Wednesday, 14 August 2019
Calendar 11:00-17:00

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Design and Performance Optimisation Using Topologic, Dynamo, and Refinery

This workshop is hosted in collaboration with Dr. Spyros Stravovardis, University of Liverpool. This class will introduce Topologic (, a new and free software kit that works with both Dynamo and Grasshopper. Topologic offers the ability to think spatially, topologically and conceptually about a design project. Topologic is also tightly coupled with EnergyPlus for energy analysis. This workshop will introduce the related concepts, illustrate the powerful features of the software through example workflows and offer the participants a hands-on experience to experiment with customized workflows.

In the morning session, we will introduce Topologic and go through two or three structured tutorials. In the afternoon, we will work with you to help you use Topologic to solve an interesting problem or create a customised workflow.

This workshop is not catered, so please plan on bringing your own bottled water/beverage/snack if you wish and on leaving the building for lunch. There is a strict limit of 15 workshop participants due to the size and configuration of the room.


  1. Capable Windows 10 computer
  2. Dynamo 2.0 or newer.
  3. Topologic for Dynamo 0.8.5 or newer (download and install from

As you soon as you enter the building, inform security that you are attending this event (mention Dr. Stravovardis) and sign the sheet to let you in. Take the lift to the 3rd floor. As you exit the lift and go through the floor doors, turn left and go to the very end of the corridor. Go through the last door on your right, walk a few meters and you will be at Seminar Room 13.

Seminar Room 13, 3rd Floor
University of Liverpool
33 Finsbury Square

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