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Applying through Clearing

If your plans change or you do better than expected, we are here to help.

Who’s eligible for Clearing?

If you meet one of the following you can apply through Clearing:

  • you are not holding any offers from universities or colleges
  • your offers have not been confirmed because you have not met the conditions
  • you have declined, or not responded to, a changed course/date of entry/point of entry offer
  • you have applied too late for your application to be considered before Clearing.

Who’s eligible for Adjustment?

If your exam results are better than you expected and you meet or exceed the conditions of your conditional firm offer, you’re eligible for ‘adjustment’. Adjustment allows you to look for another university course that better suits your interests and abilities.

Looking back I wish I could have told myself not to panic because it all worked out in the end and now I’m in Cardiff University and I’m so incredibly happy.

Elin (BA 2019)