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Members of the Centre for Law and Religion are often invited to present their research at a variety of events.

Monarchy in Europe, St Katharine's Foundation (4 March 2020) – Frank Cranmer presented a paper at a colloquium on Monarchy in Europe, under aegis  of the Constitution Unit, UCL. Proceedings are to be published in 2021.

Lecture at National Assembly for Wales (Cardiff) (4 March 2020) – Norman Doe gave an invited lecture at the National Assembly for Wales (now the Welsh Parliament), on the centenary of the foundation of the Church in Wales

Religion and Marriage law: The Need for Reform (February 2020) – Russell Sandberg spoke on Religion and Marriage Law: the need for reform at the Stefan Cross Centre for Women, Equality and the Law seminar, Southampton University.

University of the Western Cape (24 January 2020) – Mark Hill QC attends a staff seminar at the University of the Western Cape, Capetown.

Conference on the Legal Personality for Religious Organisations (20-22 January 2020) – Mark Hill attends the Conference on Legal Personality for Religious Organisations, Durban, South Africa

British Embassy, Myanmar (9-17 December 2019) – Mark Hill engages in a Teaching Programme with British Embassy in Myanmar and advising Burmese Government on Religious Liberty.

History of the Court of Arches (20 November 2019) – Norman Doe gives a public lecture on the long history of the Court of Arches, its origins, jurisdiction, judges, records, processes, and jurisprudence (St Mary-le-Bow Church, London).

Religious Liberty Law (4-7 November 2019) – Mark Hill delivers seminars on Religious Liberty Law with Uzbekistan Government, Tashkent, and Institute for Global Engagement.

Contemporary Issues in Religion, Law and Society (Keynote Address) (October 2019) – Russell Sandberg gives the keynote address on Contemporary Issues in Religion, Law and Society, at the Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Contemporary Issues in Religion and Society workshop, University of Westminster.

Religious Liberty (15 October 2019) – Mark Hill gave a lecture on Religious Liberty to Centre for Transnational Law, King’s College, London.

Life and work of Bishop William Lyndwood (7 October 2019) – Norman Doe gives a public lecture at St. Davids Cathedral (Pembrokeshire) on the life and work of the great fifteenth-century canon lawyer and Bishop of St Davids, William Lyndwood.

Twenty-Fourth International Congress of the Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches (16-20 September 2019) – Mark Hill and Norman Doe speak at Twenty-Fourth International Congress of the Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches - both were presented to Pope Francis and gave him the Statement of Principles of Christian Law ((Rome 2016) agreed by the Christian Law Panel.

Conference on Law in Religion in Africa (August 2019) – Mark Hill spoke at a Conference on Law in Religion in Africa, University of Lagos, Nigeria; and Conferral of Honorary Chief Bameto Esin by King Erinmo of Erinmoland, Nigeria

Bekynton Lecture, Wells Cathedral (14 July 2019) – in 2017, the Centre, in partnership with Wells cathedral, and the law firm Harris and Harris, Wells, established a biennial lecture named after the fifteenth century Bishop of Bath and Wells, Thomas Bekynton, a canonist and Dean of Arches.  The first lecture, in October 2017, was given by Norman Doe, on the law applicable to cathedrals of the Church of England, and the second lecture, in 2019, was given by Mark Hill QC on the Statement of Principles of Christian Law.