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Increased capability

Discover how a KTP led to the enhancement and expansion of a travel technology company's data mining ability.

Wealth of travel data

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Comtec is one of the largest travel technology suppliers to the travel and leisure industry, with a team of over 110 staff and a range of travel selling and management systems available in the UK, USA, Canada and further afield.

The company recognised that it had a wealth of data which could be used to provide more information both for their customers and themselves. To help extract business intelligence from this wealth of data, Comtec looked to Dr. Jianhua Shao and Professor Omer Rana from our School of Computer Science and Informatics.

The project had two key objectives; to better understand and prepare data asset for knowledge discovery, and to develop data mining and visualisation tools to enable Comtec to derive business intelligence from their data.

We have been impressed with the KTP programme and taking part has enhanced our status as a leading technology platform provider to the global leisure travel industry.

Comtec Group Ltd

Competitive edge

Through the new technological skills and capability acquired Comtec is enjoying an enhanced status as a professional software technology provider and has developed a new competitive edge in a demanding market.

The company also has a proof-of-concept data analysis prototype, which allows complex travel booking patterns to be visualised intuitively and analysed efficiently. As a direct result they are now able to tap into new business and new market areas.

For the academic team the project has brought greater experience of data mining techniques within commercial settings which has contributed directly to their subsequent success in winning new projects. The project has also informed their teaching about real world applications on various computer science modules.