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Economics seminars and workshops

We run a regular programme of seminars for staff, students and the wider public.

Our seminars usually take place on Wednesdays between 16:00 and 17:30. In addition, there are also workshops, which take place on Fridays between 13:00 and 14:30.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all seminars and workshops will be held online until further notice.

Please contact the economic seminar organiser, Dr Pipat Wongsa-art, if you are interested in attending these events or require additional information.

Upcoming events

Speaker: Kohei Takeda, London School of Economics

Date: Friday 10 December 2021, 13:00-14:30
Title: The Geography of Structural Transformation: Effects on Inequality and Mobility


Economies transform at an uneven pace: San Jose's meteoric rise coexists with Detroit's slow decline.

This paper develops a dynamic overlapping generations model of economic geography to explain variation in structural transformation across space and time. In the model, historical exposure to different industries creates persistence in occupational structure, and non-homothetic preferences and differential productivity growth lead to different rates of structural transformation.

Despite the heterogeneity across locations, sectors, and time, the model remains tractable and is calibrated to match metropolitan area data for the U.S. economy from 1980 to 2010. The calibration allows us to back out measures of upward mobility and inequality, thereby providing theoretical underpinnings to the Gatsby Curve.

The counterfactual analysis shows that structural transformation has substantial effects on mobility: if there were no productivity growth in the service sector, income mobility would be 6 percent higher, and if amenities were equalized across locations, it would rise by 10 percent.

Speaker: Francesco Moscone, Brunel University London

Date: Wednesday 15 December 2021, 16:00-17:30
Title: The association between hospital cooperation and the quality of healthcare


Motivated by reasons such as patients’ needs, lack of resources, technologies or skills, and quality, hospital managers may engage in cooperative behaviours.

We study the determinants of patients’ transfers, a specific form of cooperation, and quantify its association with the quality delivered by the origin and destination hospital. Using Italian administrative data, we handle the network structure embedded in the data by adopting an over-dispersed Poisson mixed model.

Our results show a positive relationship between hospital cooperation and quality. The introduction of transferal protocols that exploit information on hospital quality may further improve the overall quality of the healthcare sector.

Speaker: Maciek Lis, OECD

Date: Wednesday 02 February 2022, 16:00-17:30

Title and abstract to be confirmed.

Speaker: Maitreesh Ghatak, London School of Economics

Date: Wednesday 16 February 2022, 16:00-17:30

Title and abstract to be confirmed.

Speaker: Peter Dolton, University of Sussex

Date: Wednesday 9 March 2022, 16:00-17:30

Title and abstract to be confirmed.

Speaker: John Morrow, King’s College

Date: Friday 25 March 2022, 13:00-14:30

Title and abstract to be confirmed.

Past events

08/12/202116:00Inci Gumus, Sabanci University - Online seminarHouse Prices, Collateral Effects and Sectoral Output Dynamics in Emerging Market Economies
03/2/202113:00Woon Wong, Cardiff University - Online seminarCost of guarantee and prudence for defined benefit pensions
01/12/202116:00Luca Corazzini, Ca Foscari University of Venice - Online seminarNarratives on COVID-19 and Policy Opinions: A Survey Experiment
26/11/202113:00Yiliang Li, University of Oxford - Online seminarThe Congestion Effect of Oil Transportation and Its Trade Implications
24/11/202116:00Egor Malkov, University of Minnesota - Online seminarOptimal Income Taxation of Singles and Couples
19/11/202113:00Grant Fitzner, Chief Economist, Director, Macroeconomic Statistics and Analysis Economic Statistics Group, ONS - Online seminarA tale of two recessions: the global financial crisis and pandemic recession compared
17/11/202116:00Dr Ioana Chioveanu, Associate Professor of Industrial Economics, Department of Industrial Economics, Nottingham University Business School - Online seminarGranular Price Discrimination on an Online Platform
05/11/202113:00Emily Hopson, Head of the Business Insights and Conditions Survey, ONS - Online seminarThe Office for National Statistics’ Business Insights and Conditions Survey (BICS)
29/10/202110:00Zhenlin Yang, Professor of Economics and Statistics, Singapore Management University - Online seminarSpatial Dynamic Panel Data Models with Interactive Fixed Effects: M-Estimation and Inference with Small T
27/10/202116:00Arnab Bhattacharjee, NIESR Fellow, Professor and Head of Economics, Heriot-Watt University - Online seminarSpatio-Temporal Patterns in Portuguese Regional Fertility Rates: A Bayesian Approach for Spatial Clustering of Curves
22/10/202113:00Josh Martin, Head of Productivity, Assistant Deputy Director Productivity, Research Partnerships and Professional Development, ONS - Online seminarMeasuring productivity: challenges and opportunities
15/10/202113:00Woon Wong, Reader in Financial Economics, Cardiff University - Online seminarCan we afford a defined benefit pension in a low interest rate environment?
21/04/202116:00Hale Utar, Grinnell College - Online seminarGlobalisation, Gender, and the Family
12/03/202113:00Aldo Elizalde, Adam Smith Business School (Glasgow) - Online seminarPublic good or public bad? Indigenous institutions, nation-building, and the demand for road infrastructure in Mexico
10/03/202116:00Vasily Korovkin, CERGE-EI - Online seminarProduction Networks and War
03/02/202116:00Pipat Wongsa-art, Cardiff University - Online seminarFunctional Time Series Approach to Analysing Returns Co-movements
17/02/202116:00Melanie Luhrmann, Royal Holloway University of London - Online seminarLong-run Health and Mortality Effects of Exposure to Universal Health Care in Infancy
04/12/202013:00Maren Froemel, Bank Of England - Online seminar Monetary policy, corporate finance, and investment
25/11/202016:00Yuliya Kulikova, Bank of Spain - Online seminarFamily-Friendly Policies and Fertility: What Firms Got to Do With It?
18/11/202016:00Johannes Stroebel, New York University - Online seminarFive Facts about Beliefs and Portfolios
06/11/202013:00Benjamin Elsner, University College Dublin - Online seminarAchievement Rank Affects Performance and Major Choices in College
04/11/202016:00Woon Wong, Cardiff Business School - Online seminarUSS 2020 valuation: low interest rate, yield on productive assets and risk
30/10/202013:00Sofia Amaral Garcia, Université Libre de Bruxelles - Online seminarMedical Device Companies and Doctors: Do their interactions affect medical treatments?
23/10/202012:00Silvia Griselda, Melbourne University - Online seminarCan the Format of Questions Explain the Gender Gap in Mathematics?
16/10/202013:00Maroš Servátka, Macquarie University - Online seminarProcrastination in Charitable Giving