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Economics seminars and workshops

We run a regular programme of seminars for staff, students and the wider public.

The session-specific times and rooms are stated within the table, but typically our Wednesday seminars are from 16:00 to 17:30 and Friday workshops from 13:00 to 14:30. Both are held in 2.01 in the Postgraduate Teaching Centre (PTC).

Please note that any late changes or cancellations are announced by email to those on our distribution list. For further information, please contact Dr Sergey V. Popov.

Upcoming events

02/10/201916:00Maria Kozlovskaya, Aston UniversityTo be announced
04/10/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
09/10/201916:00Svetlana Makarova, University College LondonTo be announced
11/10/201913:00Dmitry Vorobyev, Ural Federal UniversityTo be announced
16/10/201916:00Otto Toivanen, Aalto UniversityTo be announced
18/10/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
23/10/201916:00Brian Varian, Swansea UniversityTo be announced
25/10/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
30/10/201916:00Tatiana Komarova, London School of EconomicsTo be announced
01/11/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
06/11/201916:00Alex Rigos, University of LundTo be announced
13/11/201916:00Fabio Canova, European University InstituteTo be announced
15/11/201913:00Vassilis Logothetis, Cardiff Business SchoolTo be announced
20/11/201916:00Alessandra Luati, University of BolognaTo be announced
22/11/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
27/11/201916:00Sanjit Dhami, University of LeicesterPsychological and Social Motivations in Microfinance Contracts: Theory and Evidence
29/11/201913:00Arman Eshraghi, Cardiff Business SchoolTo be announced
04/12/201916:00Constantine Sorokin, University of GlasgowTo be announced
06/12/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
11/12/201916:00Jorg Franke, University of BathTo be announced