Economics seminars and workshops

We run a regular programme of seminars for staff, students and the wider public.

The session-specific times and rooms are stated within the table, but typically our Wednesday seminars are from 16:00 to 17:30 and Friday workshops from 13:00 to 14:30. Both are held in 2.01 in the Postgraduate Teaching Centre.

Please note that any late changes or cancellations are announced by email to those on our distribution list. For further information, please contact Dr Sergey V. Popov.

05/12/201816:00Konstantinos Theodoridis (Cardiff Business School)Dynamic Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks on Macroeconomic Volatility
07/12/201813:00Ramakanta Patra (Cardiff Metropolitan)Efficient Collusion with Entry and Cost Uncertainty
12/12/201816:00Effrosyni Adamopoulou (University of Mannheim)Regular versus lump-sum payments in union contracts and household consumption
30/01/201916:00Alexandros Theloudis (Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research)To be announced
01/02/201913:00Samuli Leppala (Cardiff Business School)To be announced
06/02/201916:00Steven Millard (Bank of England)To be announced
08/02/201913:00Kevin O'Rourke (Oxford and UCD)To be announced
13/02/201916:00Albert Banal-Estanol (City University, London)To be announced
15/02/201913:00Kul Luintel (Cardiff Business School)To be announced
20/02/201916:00Antonio Cabrales (UCL)To be announced
22/02/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
27/02/201916:00Toomas Hinnosaar (College Carlo Alberto)To be announced
01/03/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
06/03/201916:00Karl Taylor (University of Sheffield)To be announced
08/03/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
13/03/201916:00Martin Weale (KCL)A Democratic Measure of Household Income Growth: Theory and Application to the United Kingdom
15/03/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
20/03/201916:00Sorawoot (Tang) Srisuma (University of Surrey)To be announced
22/03/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
27/03/201916:00Christina Fuentes-Albero (Fed Board)To be announced
29/03/201913:00Wojtek Paczos (Cardiff Business School)To be announced
03/04/201916:00Roger Koenker (University of Illinois and UCL)To be announced
05/04/201913:00Christoph Himmels (Cardiff Business School)To be announced
10/04/201916:00Peter Dolton (Sussex)To be announced
12/04/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
08/05/201916:00Brit Grosskopf (Exeter)To be announced
10/05/201913:00Pipat Wongsa-art (Cardiff Business School)To be announced
15/05/201916:00Oliver Linton (Cambridge)To be announced
17/05/201913:00To be announcedTo be announced
22/05/201916:00Rana Sajedi (Bank of England)To be announced
24/05/201913:00Lena Sheveleva (Cardiff Business School)To be announced
29/05/201916:00Ivan Petrella (University of Warwick)To be announced
31/05/201913:00Debraj Ray (NYU and Warwick)To be announced

Past events

26/09/201816:00Marina Dodlova (Passau)Development Aid and Political Participation: Evidence from Malawi
28/09/201813:00Tim Jackson (Cardiff Business School)Tradable risk permits
03/10/201816:00Carlos Daniel Santos (Nova)Demand, Supply, and Market Fluctuations
05/10/201813:00Nika Koreli (Warwick)Strategic default and investment
10/10/201816:00Alp Atakan (QMUL and KoƧ)Price Discovery in a Large Auction with Costly Information
12/10/201813:00Woon Wong (Cardiff Business School)Can We Afford a Defined Benefit Pension?
17/10/201816:00George Filis (Bournemouth)Evaluating oil price implied volatility forecasts using objective-based loss functions
19/10/201813:00Helmuts Azacis (Cardiff Business School)Repeated Implementation with Overlapping Generations of Agents
24/10/201816:00Alex Bryson (UCL)Human resource management in the public sector: Does it work?
NB In PTC 2.02.
26/10/201813:00Ezgi Kaya (Cardiff Business School)Labor Market Frictions and Lowest Low Fertility
31/10/201816:00Chris Colvin (QUB)Going Dutch: Exchange Rates, Capital Mobility and Monetary Policy in the Netherlands during the Interwar Gold Standard
02/11/201813:00Yongdeng Xu (Cardiff Business School)DCC-HEAVY: a multivariate GARCH model with realized measures of variance and correlation
07/11/201816:00Alexander Talavera (Swansea)Conference presentations and research visibility
09/11/201813:00Engin Kara (Cardiff Business School)A Case Against a Four Percent Inflation Target
14/11/201816:00Nattavudh Powdthavee (Warwick)Lower-rated publications do lower academics’ judgments of publication lists: Evidence from a survey experiment of economists
16/11/201813:00Indrajit Ray (Cardiff Business School)Nash vs Lottery
21/11/201816:00Frank Windmeijer (University of Bristol)Not available
23/11/201813:00Thomas Green (ACCRA)Not available
28/11/201816:00Peter Robinson (LSE)Adaptive inference on pure spatial models
30/11/201813:00Joshy Easaw (Cardiff Business School)Property Rights, Size of Government and the Distribution of Income: What is the Role of Democracy?