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We are researching into the built environment aiming to lead the way for a new generation of digital resilient and adaptable buildings.

Our vision is centred around the concept of a dynamic and self-updatable digital conceptualization of a building that fully exploits latest advances in ICT, including pervasive sensing technologies.

Knoholem update

These digital technologies will help maintain a dynamic representation of a building necessary to provide real-time building performance (including energy) accounts, while ensuring the building has lifelong adaptability to its usage and environment.

Cities and districts stand at the forefront of sustainability objectives. This is increasingly being addressed  by improving operational efficiency through smart city and intelligent management solutions.

To meet this challenge the Cardiff Urban Sustainability Platform (CUSP) is being developed, an immersive decision support tool built to deliver CU’s powerful urban analytics. CUSP enables interactive monitoring and informed decision making through a web interface.

Cardiff University Sustainability Platform

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Our research themes cover a range of sustainable engineering areas.

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Explore the various research projects that we are currently involved with.

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We have research facilities and equipment that are available to book.