Since our inception, we have contributed to a broad range of research projects.

We have addressed review topics as diverse as palliative care, orthopaedic surgery, oral health in care homes, child protection, increasing physical activity, and cardiac monitors.

Current research projects


We work closely with Cedar in its role as a healthcare technology research centre.

Cardiff Child Protection Systematic Reviews

Funded by the Department of Child Health, Cardiff University and NSPCC.

Cochrane Public Health Review Group

We are closely involved with the group. Team members are authors on several Cochrane systematic reviews.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

We work with NICE to produce high-quality systematic reviews to support Guidance development.

Current systematic reviews in progress

Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre

This systematic review for the Research Centre covers:

  • supportive interventions for adults bereaved following the advanced, progressive illness of an adult loved one: a mixed methods systematic review
  • "I didn't really understand it" – A thematic analysis of six qualitative studies to explore palliative care patients' views of trial participation
  • development of rapid review methodologies
  • primary research papers reporting qualitative results from evidence submitted for the JLA priority setting exercise.