Dr Graham Moore

Dr Graham Moore

Senior Lecturer

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I am Deputy Director of the Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement (DECIPHer), Cardiff and a Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences and Health. From 2013-2016, my post was funded by a competitively obtained personal fellowship from the Medical Research Council. I have an international reputation as a specialist in methodology for evaluating complex interventions, having led the development and authorship of new high impact MRC guidance for process evaluation of complex interventions. I am programme lead for DECIPHer's complex intervention methods programme, including a number of established methodology short courses. I have also published widely in the field of tobacco control (including papers on young people's exposure to secondhand smoke credited with informing a decision to ban smoking in cars carrying children) and led two of the first papers on youth e-cigarette use, attracting worldwide media attention. I have managerial responsibilities within the School Health Research Network, and have led a programme of secondary analysis focused on impacts of school-based intervention on pupil health outcomes. In particular, I am interested in mechanisms through which schools and school-based intervention may increase or reduce socioeconomic inequalities in health.

Speaking engagements

  • Centre for Public Health and Population Health Research, UNiversity of Stirling (invited seminar), Feb 2017

  • Department of Health Promotion, Maastricht University (invited seminar) Jan 2017

  • INDUCT Winter School, Maastricht University (invited lecture), Jan 2017;
  • Scientific Symposium on Population Health Intervention Research (invited presentation/workshop facilitation), Paris November 2016;
  • Masterclass on Evaluation of Public Health Interventions (keynote speaker). Wageningen University, Netherlands October 2016;
  • Public Health Agency for Northern Ireland, Belfast (invited workshop), April 2016;
  • NIHR Research Design Service, Process evaluation of complex interventions (invited workshop), Jan 2016;
  • Centre for Evidence Based Intervention, Oxford University (invited presentation) Dec 2015;
  • French Institute for Public Health Research, Process evaluation of complex interventions Paris (invited presentation). Nov 2015;
  • North East Medical Sociology Research Group/FUSE, Newcastle, Process evaluation of complex interventions (invited presentation) Nov 2015;
  • UKSBM conference, Process evaluation of complex interventions (invited pre-conference workshop) Dec 2015;
  • Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, Process evaluation of complex interventions (invited presentation) April 2015;

Education and qualifications:

  • 2010 PhD Social Sciences, Cardiff University;
  • 2007 MSc (with distinction) Social Science Research Methods, Cardiff University;
  • 2005 MSc (with distinction) Nutriton, Physical Activity and Public Health, University of Bristol;
  • 2001 BSc (Hons) Psychology, UWE Bristol.

Career overview:

  • 2016- present Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences and Health, DECIPHer, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University; 
  • 2013-2015 MRC funded Research Fellow, DECIPHer, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University; 
  • 2010-2013 Research Associate, PHIRN, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University; 
  • 2005-2006 Research Assistant, CISHE, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.

2016- undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Social Sciences

  • Year 1: Introduction to Social Science Research Methods (lecturer)
  • Year 2: Knowing the Social - online and offline (lecturer)
  • MSc Social and Public Policy (seminar tutor)
  • Professional Doctorate Evidence Based Policy (convenor)

2015- present Lead for DECIPHer short course programme (http://decipher.uk.net/decipher-short-courses/)

2013-2015 Supervision of 3 CUROP placement students

2011-2015 convenor of Health Improvement module of the Masters in Public Health, Cardiff University

I currently supervise 3 PhD students, and have supervised a number of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations in the Schools of Medicine and Social Sciences.

I am interested in supervising research projects in areas including:

  • tobacco control and young people's smoking uptake;
  • mechanisms underpinning socioeconomic inequalities in young people's health and health behaviour;
  • school-based health improvement intervention;
  • associations between, and common determinants in, health and educational outcomes of school pupils;
  • intervention-generated-inequalities in health;
  • intervention development/evaluation methods  

Recent research grants

  • Morgan K (fellow) & Moore GF (supervisor) (2016-2019) Health and Care Research Wales Post-doctoral Fellowship
  • Moore L et al (2016 - 2018) Exploratory trials of complex public health interventions: development of guidance for researchers and funders
    Medical Research Council
  • Hawkins J (PI), Moore G (Principal co-investigator) et al. (2015-2017) The use of accelorometry-based activity monitors and linked web portal to enhance long-term maintenance of physical activity in adults: A pilot trial in an exercise referral setting. Health and Care Research Wales
  • Fone D, Paranjothy S, and Moore G. (2016) Children of CHALICE: risk factors foralcohol-related emergency admission to hospital in children and young people’. Wellcome Trust
  • Fletcher et al (2014-2016) Pilot trial of the Filter FE Challenge. NIHR Public Health Research
  • Moore GF (2013-2016) Population Health Scientist Fellowship, Medical Research Council.
  • Moore GF, Holliday J & Moore L (2013-2014) Research into children’s exposure to secondhand smoke in cars. Welsh Government.
  • Baird, J, Audrey, S, Barker, M, Bonell, C, Bond, L, Hardeman, W, Moore, GF, Moore, L, Wight, D. (2012-2014). Development of guidance for process evaluations of complex interventions. MRC Population Health Sciences Research Network
  • Murphy, S, Moore, GF. & Moore, L. (2011 to 2012). A Pilot Study of Alcohol Policy & Social Norms in Welsh Universities. Alcohol Education & Research Council

I am a current member of Cancer Research UK's Prevention Expert Review Panel

I will be joining the NIHR Public Health Research Funding Board in 2017

My research interests fall into 3 broad themes

Methodological innovation in the development and evaluation of complex public health interventions

  • Lead author of Medical Research Council guidance for process evaluation of complex interventions
  • Programme lead for DECIPHer complex intervention methods programme

The roles of schools in promoting pupil health and reducing (or worsening) health inequalities

  • Competitively awarded MRC fellowship focused on school based intervention and socioeconomic inequality
  • Management responsibilities within the School Health Research Network in Wales

Tobacco control legislation and the (de)normalisation of smoking

  • Statistician for CHETS study into impacts of smoke-free legislation on youth exposure to secondhand smoke;
  • Prinicpal investigator on CHETS 2 study of smoking in cars carrying children (cited by Welsh Government as informing their decision to ban smoking in cars carrying children);
  • Lead author on two of the first papers on youth e-cigarette use.