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The Article 19 Project: Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Freedom of Expression in the UK

Grant Holders: Prof Terry Threadgold and Nick Mosdell (with Article 19, London)

Funder: Oxfam, BBC and The Body Shop Foundation

Based at: Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC)

This project aimed to explore the ways in which the issue of asylum, and asylum seekers and refugees, are represented in the media, the extent to which asylum seekers and refugees feel able to participate in the public debate on asylum and immigration, and the impact media coverage has on their everyday lives. The research project was conducted in partnership with Cardiff School of Journalism and developed in consultation with organisations concerned with supporting the rights and welfare of asylum seekers and refugees. The direct involvement of asylum seekers and refugees as researchers and as interviewees was a central feature of the project. In May 2003, the initial findings of the research were published in a case study of media coverage of asylum and refugee issues surrounding the story of the closure of the Red Cross centre at Sangatte. These findings were presented at the seminar: ‘Insight or Incite?’, on 15th May 2003, which brought together refugee organisations, journalists and refugees, the discussions of which are reflected in this final report. Cardiff University managed the Broadcast Media Monitoring part of the project and the research was carried out by Nick Mosdell and Terry Threadgold.

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