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Dr Alex Rotas

Dr Alex Rotas

Position: Honorary Research Fellow (School Secretary)

Telephone: +44(0)29 208 74509




Dr Alex Rotas is currently challenging dominant narratives of ageing through her photography of older competitive athletes. She is particularly interested in athletes who still compete in international events in their 70s, 80s and 90s. As such she has left behind for the moment the critique of visual images in favour of their production. She exhibits her work throughout the UK and has started exhibiting in the US.

Originally with a degree in Geography, she holds higher degrees in Education and Visual Culture, and a PhD in Visual Culture from Bath Spa University.

She still maintains an interest in her old research activities investigating the visual representation of migration, displacement and political asylum and in the work of visual artists who have come to the UK as refugees or asylum seekers. She has published and spoken widely on these issues and on the impact of British migrant artists’ work on local understandings of place.

A keen ‘veteran’ competitive tennis player and former international competitor, she started investigating the imagery of elite female tennis players in the media out of personal interest. From this grew an interest in sports sciences as an umbrella academic field of study. Getting older herself, she wondered about the kinds of images associated with older sportsmen and women and took a look. There was very little to find. She is trying to rectify this by producing photographs that capture the power and energy of the older human body as it is mobilised in sport.