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Female undergraduate student sitting on bench smiling, outside a redbrick building under green leafed trees

Find out what we've been doing as we adapt to living with COVID-19, and what you might expect when you join us.

New ways of learning

We are currently delivering in-person teaching on campus. This includes smaller lectures, tutorials, seminars, lab work and workshops. Delivery of some lectures continue to be online, although where safety measures allow, larger lectures are taking place. We continue to follow Welsh Government guidance, and how this affects our teaching and research is kept under constant review.

Our services such as libraries, cafés, restaurants, accommodation, sports facilities and the Students’ Union are open to students.

We have significantly developed our online learning, and regularly ask our students how we're doing. Based on student surveys, we know that the majority of our students feel confident and supported with their online learning. We have also developed a blended learning guide for new students.

We will continue to use innovative approaches that enable all students to engage fully in their studies.

Student working on a laptop

Keeping you safe

We've introduced a number of safety measures to help minimise the risk of COVID-19 in our community which are kept under review and subject to change depending on Welsh Government guidance. These have included:

Social distance

Social distancing

Encouraging social distancing where possible and appropriate

Washing hands

Increased cleaning

Additional handwashing facilities and enhanced cleaning

One way


Clear safety guidance in our buildings and across campus


Face coverings

Everyone must wear face coverings in our indoor public areas, teaching spaces, libraries and Centre for Student Life


More space on campus

Using staggered timetables and extra teaching spaces to reduce the number of people moving around on campus


Local cooperation

Working closely with partners including Welsh government, Public Health Wales and South Wales Police

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Supporting you

We have a dedicated Student Life team to help you make the most of your university experience, regardless of the changes the pandemic may still bring.

We’ve recruited more frontline counselling and wellbeing staff to help you as we get used to different ways of working, teaching and learning. We’ve also appointed some of our current students as Residence Life Assistants to support you when you're in University accommodation.

Woman in airport wearing face mask

Support for international students travelling to the UK

Support is available for all international students travelling to the UK to start your studies.

You can apply for a refund to cover the cost of hotel quarantine and post-arrival COVID-19 testing. This is subject to UK and Welsh Government guidance and is under constant review.

Man looking at a sample

In-house screening service

We offer a free, accredited COVID-19 screening service PCR test that is available to all students and staff on campus.

We recommend everyone on our campus takes a test weekly, even if you don't have symptoms, to help keep you and your community safe and well.

We know how important it is to be vigilant about the number of COVID-19 cases in Cardiff. We publish case numbers for students and staff on campus.

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Our community commitment

We’re asking students and staff to adopt our community commitment to support each other and treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration.

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic means that we need to work to support each other, to behave appropriately and with consideration, and to intervene when we see others failing to uphold the behaviour and standards of the University.

We are committed to offering a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment. We will address negative discriminatory behaviours including those based on stereotypes and prejudiced attitudes.