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Water, health and wellbeing


Our group discusses and researches ways to provide a healthy water supply to communities through resilient freshwater resources, locally and globally.

Key to life, water resources globally are under increasing pressures from stressors such as changing climatic patterns, rising demand for food production and rapid but often unregulated urbanisation. This puts pressure on global water safety and security and creates the perfect terrain for the spread of water risks.

Our interdisciplinary group of social and natural scientists has expertise in a variety of areas, including pathogens, eco-toxicology, modelling, and freshwater ecosystem health. Together, they consider immediate actions required to address threats to health but also recognise the longer term need to sustain our life support systems.

Our group

Our group brings together researchers from the natural, physical and social sciences:


Contact Dr Chris Hubbard if you would like to know more about this group or are interested in collaborating:

Dr Christopher Hubbard

Dr Christopher Hubbard

Research and Impact Officer (Water Research Institute)

+44 (0)29 2087 4667