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Keynote: NATO after the Wales Summit

Professor Stephen Krasner, Graham H. Stuart Professor, Stanford University

NATO and Russia: a new strategic reality

Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, Deputy Secretary General, NATO

Addressing Insecurity in Cyber Space: Social and Technological Options

Professor Omer F. Rana, Professor of Performance Engineering, School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University

Protecting Cyberspace: Criminals or Enemies?

Professor Michael Levi, Professor of Criminology, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

NATO and the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy – partnership on parallel tracks?

Dr Nina Graeger, Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Lessons from Counter-Piracy Operations

Dr Christian Bueger, Reader in International Relations, Department of Politics and International Relations, Cardiff University

Seapower Today: Planning NATO’s Future Maritime Operations

Richard Froh, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations, NATO

Planning Defence Today

Jonathan Parish, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning, NATO