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Wales Governance Centre

We undertake innovative research into all aspects of the law, politics, government and political economy of Wales, as well the wider UK and European contexts of territorial governance.

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We offer a selection of part-time and full-time postgraduate courses in law, government and politics as well as pathways into undergraduate study.

Our research covers some the most important issues in Wales today - Brexit, devolution, justice and juristiction and fiscal analysis.

Latest news

Money and graph

Welsh fiscal boost next year to be followed by cutbacks to spending plans, says new budget report

5 March 2021

The UK Government’s decisions to cut back on pre-pandemic, non-virus spending plans for 2021-22 onwards will reduce the projected increase to the Welsh budget by approximately £600 million a year

Research identifies STV lessons for Wales

3 March 2021

The report was commissioned by the Welsh Government and adds to the evidence base to allow authorities to implement STV in Wales in the future

McAllister campaign website goes live

26 February 2021

The former Wales national team captain is running for UEFA’s women’s position on the FIFA Council


Our events bring leading experts and public figures together to discuss public policy, politics, government and the law of Wales.