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SUSPLACE project outputs

Stay up to date with the latest from the SUSPLACE team at the Sustainable Places Research Institute.


These videos were made by SUSPLACE researchers during an induction week, with the aim of creating a platform for Place Change Makers in Wales.

The platform is a collaboration between Sustainable Places Research Institute and the Welsh Government.

A discussion about co-production in the Welsh context between Chris Gray and Edgar Cahn, founders of TimeBanks USA:

Wales: leading the way in co-production video

A discussion about co-production with Peter Willis from Severn Wye:

Co-production: Peter Willis video

Cardiff Capital Region Youth Profile

This work is part of a research project that brings together the city region and the 'Wellbeing of Future Generations Act', encouraging the active engagement of young people in the planning and decision-making processes.

Cardiff Capital Region Youth Profile

'Cardiff Capital Region Youth Profile' is a brief analysis of young people (aged 16-24) living in South East Wales.