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Broadcaster, writer, comedian and environmental advocate Griff Rhys Jones is the Sustainable Places Research Institute's first Patron.

After breaking through with the comedy shows Not the Nine O' Clock News and Smith and Jones, Griff has broadcast and written more recently on conservation and environmental issues, including the BBC series Restoration.

As Patron, Griff supports and helps to publicise the Research Institute's work on sustainable solutions for individual cities and their surrounding regions, tailored to particular circumstances around the world.

Talking about his role as Patron, Griff Rhys Jones who is a Cardiff University Honorary Fellow, and whose father was a graduate of the University, said:

"I think everybody recognises that a sustainable approach to address the way that we as human beings have laid waste to our world is something that's long overdue.

"I firmly believe that human ingenuity is the answer to the problems we face with sustainability. This Research Institute is offering to bring together different disciplines and to look at sustainability across the globe in different localities so that we can start to measure and assess how different places need to respond to the challenges ahead."It's an exciting project and it is a very great honour for me to be Patron of the Sustainable Places Research Institute."

I am delighted to be in Cardiff supporting the Sustainable Places Research Institute. There are a lot of issues and even government policies that rest on the notion of sustainability. We all need to be aware of what this means for every industry, business and discipline.

Griff Rhys Jones