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Sustainable communities and place-making

Involving people in what really matters to them in the development of their local area is vital for communities to become stronger and more sustainable.

Institute researchers are involved in a range of research projects, the findings of which contribute to our understanding of community-led and local level sustainable place-making.

Community Action on Climate Change

The Institute has been commissioned by the Welsh Government to review the learning outcomes of an innovative two-year 'Pathfinder programme' aimed at enhancing understanding of how best to support community groups engaged with taking action against climate change.  The findings from the review will be made available by the Welsh Government.

Governance of sustainable places

Governance is a cross cutting research theme that connects the Institute's research and engages with practitioners, policy makers and the public.

The governance of sustainable places goes beyond promoting environmentally responsible practices to more reflexive approaches, taking into account the complex interactions between social, economic and ecological aspects. 

Looking at social innovation as an instrument for governance of sustainable places, the research also covers such issues as climate change adaptation, community resilience, and sustainable lifestyles. 

Healthy people healthy places

This research is attempting to understand the relationships between place, behaviour and health. The puzzle is how to maximise health benefits when areas of trade off need to be considered. For example, having shops and green space within walking distance is one way to tackle the obesity epidemic.

The goal here is to then be able to produce robust research evidence that informs planners how best to maximise health benefits when designing and modifying the environment. To achieve this, public health and planning need to be reconnected.