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Flexible degree structures

From delaying your final degree choice until the end of the first year, to tailoring your degree to suit your interests, to taking a year abroad or in industry; our ultimate aim is to offer you flexibility.

The structure of our degree programmes is a particularly attractive feature. In many cases you can delay your final choice of degree subjects until the end of your first year.

Tailor your degree programme

In other areas of study, the range of options is such that you can effectively tailor your degree programme to suit your particular interests and career ambitions. In some degree programmes, successful completion of your degree will earn you partial or complete exemption from professional examinations.

Year abroad or in industry

Many of our programmes benefit from significant vocational and professional content, while others offer you the opportunity for a period of attachment to industry to gain experience and expertise.

Opportunities are also available for a period of study in Europe as part of the Erasmus+ exchange programme. Our Global Opportunity Centre can help you take full advantage of the University's links with well-established universities in over 20 European countries, as well as exchange opportunities in countries further afield.

All modern language degree programmes are of four years' duration and include a year in the relevant European country. Other degree programmes include a foreign language element.