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Discovering Muslims in Britain: Key Stage 3 Online Course

  • CalendarJanuary, February, March, April
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Explore the everyday lives of Muslims in Britain.

This course will be delivered fully online over a period of six weeks. Topics include:

  • how can we understand religion in society?
  • what does Islam mean to Muslims?
  • how do Muslims follow religious sources of wisdom and authority today?
  • how do Muslims practice their faith?
  • what is the history of Muslims in Britain?
  • where are Muslim communities located?
  • what is a mosque?
  • how do Muslims express their faith through the arts?
  • how do Muslims in Britain experience Islamophobia?

On this course you will engage with illustrated articles, videos, quizzes and an online discussion forum. There will be a topical weekly live webinar led by leading experts in the field and an opportunity to post questions before and after the webinar.

Each week consists of two to three sessions, taking approximately one hour to complete. The online forum will allow delegates to discuss questions with each other and with a tutor, within an unrestricted timeframe. Delegates will be encouraged to use the online forum to present their experiences at certain places on the course.

On completion of the course learners should be able to:

  • describe basic beliefs and practices in the Islamic tradition
  • understand and explain the ways Muslims understand and practice
  • Islam in a British context
  • understand the history of Muslims in Britain and how this has shaped contemporary Muslim communities
  • appreciate basic sociological methods of analysis (eg interviews and data analysis)
  • incorporate these ideas in their teaching and learning in the classroom.

Find out more

For more information about the activity, please visit our website.

About the organiser

This activity is organised by Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK. Contact Matthew Vince at for more details.


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