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Course Mode UCAS code

Law (LLB)

UCAS code: M100

Study Law with us and gain hands on experience of Law in the real world.

Full time M100

Medicine (MBBCh)

UCAS code: A100

Cardiff School of Medicine delivers an exciting curriculum with early clinical contact to enable you to become the very best doctor you can be.

Full time A100

Psychology (BSc)

UCAS code: C800

Study Psychology at an internationally recognised school with a reputation for research excellence.

Full time C800

Education (BSc)

UCAS code: 8G46

Education is an exciting social science subject increasingly being presented as a principal means of fostering economic growth, social cohesion and personal well-being.

Full time 8G46

Philosophy (BA)

UCAS code: V500

As a student in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy at Cardiff you will be taught by leading researchers in Philosophy.

Full time V500

Law and Criminology (LLB)

UCAS code: M190

Study Law and Criminology at Cardiff and gain hands on experience of Law in the real world

Full time M190

Archaeology (BSc)

UCAS code: F402

Our Archaeology degree schemes are noted for their geographical and chronological breadth and the range of student choice they offer.

Full time F402

Occupational Therapy (BSc)

UCAS code: B921

Ranked 1st in the UK by the Complete University Guide 2018 and 2019, our Occupational Therapy programme aims to prepare you for your chosen career as an occupational therapist.

Full time B921

Music (BMus)

UCAS code: W302

Our undergraduate programmes allow you to specialise and develop your own musical interests

Full time W302

Dental Hygiene (DipHE)

UCAS code: B750

Delivered at the only dental school in Wales, our Dental Hygiene course is accredited by the General Dental Council.

Full time B750

Chinese (BA)

UCAS code: RC13

Study Chinese and gain a wealth of transferable skills and knowledge beneficial in a global workplace.

Full time RC13

Welsh (BA)

UCAS code: Q560

Join an exciting and challenging community to discover the wealth of the Welsh language, its literature and culture.

Full time Q560

Sociology (BSc)

UCAS code: 8H46

Study our Sociology BSc and you will be pursuing one of the oldest and most prestigious social science disciplines in one of the UK's largest and most successful centres of social science.

Full time 8H46

Business Management (BSc)

UCAS code: N201

Our flexible programme will help you develop the professional knowledge and skills to make your mark in a competitive global business environment.

Full time N201

Medical Pharmacology (BSc)

UCAS code: B210

Study pharmacology at the School of Medicine in Cardiff, one of the top 5 universities in the UK for research excellence.

Full time B210

Biomedical Sciences (BSc)

UCAS code: BC97

Explore the biological science that underpins all medicine and medical research with our research-led Biomedical Sciences degree.

Full time BC97

Psychology with Professional Placement (BSc)

UCAS code: C810

Study Psychology with the opportunity to gain professional experience at an internationally recognised school with a reputation for research excellence.

Full time with sandwich year C810

Pharmacy (MPharm)

UCAS code: B230

Our MPharm programme reflects the development of the role of the pharmacist to include more patient-facing opportunities, providing you with the extensive knowledge, skills and experience you’ll need to embark on a career as a pharmacist.

Full time B230

English Literature (BA)

UCAS code: Q306

We enjoy an international reputation for our teaching and research in English Literature and pride ourselves on nurturing a friendly, personalised and supportive environment for our students.

Full time Q306

History (BA)

UCAS code: V100

Our rich and rewarding History degree gives you an insight into processes of change, from the ancient world through to the modern period.

Full time V100