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Course Mode UCAS code

Computer Science (BSc)

UCAS code: G400

Our flagship course is informed by industry needs and gives students a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Computer Science, as well as professional skills in problem-solving and project work.

Full time G400

Computer Science (MSci)

UCAS code: G404

Whether you want to gain a competitive edge in the graduate employment market or prepare for a research career, this four-year Integrated Master's Degree can help you get on the fast track to your professional goals.

Full time G404

Computer Science with Security and Forensics (BSc)

UCAS code: G4F4

Learn how to protect organisation's investment with an understanding of the principles, tools and technologies required to keep their systems secure.

Full time G4F4

Applied Software Engineering (BSc)

UCAS code: 4JVD

Taught at the National Software Academy in Newport, this hands-on course is for those who want to learn how software is built and maintained through industry-facing development projects.

Full time 4JVD

Integrated Engineering (BEng)

UCAS code: H110

The Integrated Engineering degree programme provides you with a broad engineering education which covers a wide range of engineering principles embracing mechanical, manufacturing, electrical and electronic engineering, information technology and

Full time H110

Neuroscience (BSc)

UCAS code: B142

Using a combination of biological and psychological approaches, our research-led Neuroscience degree explores the mysteries of the human brain.

Full time B142

Psychology (BSc)

UCAS code: C800

Study Psychology at an internationally recognised school with a reputation for research excellence.

Full time C800

Medicine (MBBCh)

UCAS code: A100

Cardiff School of Medicine delivers an exciting curriculum with early clinical contact to enable you to become the very best doctor you can be.

Full time A100

Biomedical Sciences (BSc)

UCAS code: BC97

Explore the biological science that underpins all medicine and medical research with our research-led Biomedical Sciences degree.

Full time BC97

Sociology (BSc)

UCAS code: 8H46

Study our Sociology BSc and you will be pursuing one of the oldest and most prestigious social science disciplines in one of the UK's largest and most successful centres of social science.

Full time 8H46

Biomedical Sciences (MBiomed)

UCAS code: 51T8

Explore the biological science that underpins all medicine and medical research with our research-led Biomedical Sciences degree.

Full time 51T8

Integrated Engineering (International) (MEng)

UCAS code: H118

The complexity and sophistication of modern engineering requires an increasing level of interaction between engineering disciplines which have traditionally been considered to be largely independent

Full time H118

Physics with Astronomy (BSc)

UCAS code: F3F5

Our Physics and Astronomy degree offers you the opportunity to study the science behind the evolution of our Universe while gaining solid skills in physics, mathematics and computing, all of which are sought after in many professions.

Full time F3F5

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng)

UCAS code: H601

Studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering means that you will be at the centre of a vibrant and fast moving engineering discipline.

Full time H601

Medical Engineering (BEng)

UCAS code: H1B8

The Cardiff Medical Engineering programme is one of the most established in the UK, and is perfectly suited to anyone wishing to combine classical engineering training with a medical application.

Full time H1B8

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (International) (MEng)

UCAS code: H607

This research-led degree will provide a fast-track towards attaining Chartered Engineer status with the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

Full time H607

Mechanical Engineering (BEng)

UCAS code: H300

Mechanical Engineering is the creative application of science and expertise to the design, construction and operation of products and processes.

Full time H300

Environmental Geoscience (BSc)

UCAS code: F648

On our Environmental Geoscience course, you will explore different processes that happen on our planet like acid rain and global warming and find solutions to geological problems in the UK and around the world.

Full time F648

Criminology (BSc)

UCAS code: L370

Our Criminology BSc is delivered by renowned social scientific scholars in our interdisciplinary research and teaching environment of our School of Social Sciences.

Full time L370

Business Management (Marketing) (BSc)

UCAS code: NN25

Our accredited programme is future-focused, equipping you with specialist tools and techniques to make a difference in your marketing career.

Full time NN25