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Course Mode UCAS code

Welsh and Journalism (BA)

UCAS code: PQ55

Combine a detailed study of Welsh - language, literature and culture - with a broad understanding of journalism.

Full time PQ55

Journalism and Communications (BA)

UCAS code: 0N3D

The degree is concerned with the production, content and reception of all journalism and communications.

Full time 0N3D

Media and Communications (BA)

UCAS code: 3M7D

The degree is concerned with the study of the media and cultural industries and their roles in modern society.

Full time 3M7D

Media, Journalism and Culture (BA)

UCAS code: R5V2

The degree is concerned with the study and examination of an essential part of modern life – the media.

Full time R5V2

Journalism Media and Sociology (BA)

UCAS code: LP35

This modern degree enables you to make sense of society and the role of mass communications in an era of globalisation and social change.

Full time LP35

Journalism, Communications and Politics (BA)

UCAS code: J323

You will analyse and reflect upon changes to both politics and policy driven by the growth of social media, the communications industry and the 24/7 news cycle.

Full time J323

Journalism, Media and English Literature (BA)

UCAS code: PQ53

The joint honours degree in Journalism and English Literature provides you with the opportunity of specialising in two university honours subjects

Full time PQ53